A curated residency “The Ritual Room” has started in Nida Art Colony

From October 1 to November 4 the residency project “The Ritual Room” is taking place in Nida Art Colony. Curators of the project Ūla Tornau and Asta Vaičiulytė invited a number of artists using different mediums and ways of creating to live and work together for five weeks. The project topic was left open, but as a starting point the curators suggested immersion into common slow time in the remote landscape of Nida and several keywords: coded languages, contemporary rituals, subjective mythologies, magic of everyday ways, urban tales in the countryside, urban mysticism, nostalgic rock and new / old visuality. Living together in Nida, working collectively and individually, sharing experiences, references, inspirations and conversations would create a possible common space for an upcoming exhibition.

Artists participating in the project: Kipras Dubauskas (LT/BE), Laura Kaminskaitė (LT), Axel Linderholm (SE), Lea Porsager (DK), Distruktur (Gustavo Jahn ir Melissa Dullius) (BR/DE), Ilya Dounar (BY), and Jonas Žukauskas (LT/GB).

Nida Art Colony collaborates with Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, where an exhibition, which gets its start-up in the residency, is going to take place in April-May 2013.

The residency starts a programme of curated residencies in Nida Art Colony with artists and curators living together for a certain time and working on a particular topic.

The project is supported by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.