Nida Doctoral School

Nida Doctoral School (NDS) comprises an intensive one-week programme for DFA and PhD candidates in visual and performing arts, design, architecture and spatial practices, media, the humanities and social sciences. NDS is structured to provide opportunities for doctoral candidates to present, discuss, and share their individual research in a collegial setting with formal and informal discussions, group and individual consultations and tutoring. Questions and modes of presentation pertinent to the individual research of each participant are the central element of the summer school in Nida. 

NDS participants are given the opportunity to position their research and practice within a broader field of research approaches. NDS aims to expand the horizons for experimental educational development by intersecting with a diversity of disciplines and experiences. The goal of NDS is to provide time, space and a conceptual framework for participants to gain an insight into their field of research as well as to broaden and diversify their outlook and methodological tools. The programme comprises a five day-long intensive course organised once a year that can be linked to one or two month-long doctoral residencies which are part of NAC’s international Residency Programme. Upon successful completion of the NDS course, participants gain 5 ECTS credits.

The non-degree doctoral programme at NAC was established in 2012, when PhD researchers gathered in Nida for a shared summer course. Between 2015 and 2021, in collaboration with Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, NAC founded the current Nida Doctoral School, which from  2018 to 2021 was organised in partnership with the University of the Arts Helsinki and University of the Arts London. 

Since 2022, NDS is organised in collaboration with various Doctoral Departments of partner institutions, such as the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Royal College of Art in London, Stockholm University of the Arts, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology), University of the Arts Helsinki, University of the Arts London, and Zurich University of the Arts.

From 2022, participation in NDS is possible only for PhD students enrolled in one of the programmes of the partnering institutions. The possibility to participate in the programme via an open call has been lifted.

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