Xiyao Chen, Dreamt about Heat Waves Last Night, 2024
  • Residency period: Spring 2024
  • Individual Residency

Xiyao Chen is an anti-disciplinary artist, land worker and researcher based in London. Their practice is driven in response to the imminent climate emergencies, across the expanded field of anthropology, moving image, sonic sculpture and agroecology. They are currently nurturing an embodied practice that values care over extraction, challenging eco-social injustices by focusing on more-than-human interspecies kinship and the affective turn in ecology. Their latest works explore the latent space of collective forecasting, magical thinking and embodied feelings of planetary crises. They have performed and shown their works at SODAS 2123 in Vilnius, Macau International Art Biennale, The Old Peckham Waiting Room in London, Narva Art Residency, Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Matadero Madrid, Zaratan Arte Contemporânea in Lisbon, PB27 Gallery in Porto among others. In parallel, they are a lecturer at the University of the Arts London and the Royal College of Art in London.


Xiyao Chen, Collective Forecasting Workshop, 2024
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Xiyao Chen, Soft Bodies Hard Sun, 2023
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