Nida Sessions: Paulius Kilbauskas & Eimantas Pivoriūnas during Neringa city birthday

nida sessions

We kindly invite you to the concert on November 13th (Friday) 9 pm on Nida Art Colony:

From the beginning of November composer and musician Paulius Kilbauskas together with video artist Eimantas Pivoriūnas are working in the new house of Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Their results will be presented this friday as a part of Neringa city birthday program. It is small introduction and warm up for the upcoming acticities in the new house: exhibitions, concerts, performances and Nida Doctoral School. Everyone is invited to listen to the concert and get to know the new multifunctional spaces of Nida Art Colony.

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More about Nida Sessions.

Performative evening of NDS "Smoke and Mirrors"

Linda Stupart

During the last day of the Nida Doctoral School at Nida Art Colony a series of performative lectures wil take place. The week of intensive courses led by Julijonas Urbonas, Stephen Wright, Ingo Niermann and Vytautas Michelkevičius will be finalised on Friday, 23rd October with the series of performative-lectures.

The evening will start with Linda Stupart's performance lecture (5:30 pm) Cut thatuses practices of performative magic, including witchcraft, karaoke and Powerpoint to protect, curse and critique art bodies. The piece presents a consideration of the representational matrices of self-harm as a way to discuss relations between institutional bodies and corporeal ones as well as offering a furious critique of 'man abjection art', that is cis white men who produce safe, differentiated, heroic 'abject' artworks, whilst never engaging with their own objecthood (because they don't and have never have to).


Neringa Municipality Art Grant 2016



Linas Kutavičius "Landing Light". Picture from Linas Kutavičius archive


Neringa Municipality Art grant 2016 goes to artist from Klaipėda Linas Kutavičius.


Nida Doctoral School "Smoke and Mirrors - Staged Arguments and the Legitimation of Artistic Research" is starting


Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto University) are starting a partnership by establishing Nida Doctoral School. It is a non-degree doctoral program at Nida Art Colony, Neringa, Lithuania.

The first session will commence on the 19th and continue until the 25th of October, 2015. It will be an intensive course and public performative evening themed “Smoke and Mirrors – Staged Arguments and the Legitimation of Artistic Research.”


NAC is looking for two new team members: communication and residency coordinators

More information in LT version of this post.

Residency and exhibition project „Climbing Invisible Structures“ is on its run

Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir (IS) at Residency Yo Yo (LT), photo Andrej Vasilenko

Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir (IS) at Residency Yo Yo (LT), photo Andrej Vasilenko (More pictures from the residencies)

The international residency and exhibition project „Climbing Invisible Structures“, organised by Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts, is in full swing. Ten artists and five residency centres from Iceland, Norway and Lithuania cooperate within the Project.


Nida A-I-R in September 2015

Pradzia Small                                               Inger Wold Lund, Krista Mölder, Raminta Jurėnaitė. Photo by Julija Navarskaitė.


Three residents arrived to Nida Art Colony in September: Inger Wold Lund (DE/NO), Krista Mölder (EST), Raminta Jurėnaitė (LT).



Symposium on (5) Inter-format Symposium(s) from Nida Art Colony in project space Malonioji 6 in Vilnius

Welcome to the Symposium on (5) Inter-format Symposium from Nida Art Colony in project space Malonioji 6  (Vilnius) on Saturday (5th of September) from 5pm to 9pm

Every hour from 5 pm to 9 pm (5 times) toasts are proposed to each symposium, and to artists´ and curatorial physical and emotional health!

Welcome to experience a symposium in its full course: sitting around symposium table, chatting with curators dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius (LT) and Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI/FR), browsing through performative archive of 5th Symposium and meeting with participants and their works (such as like Tomas Grunskis audiovisual performance or Jodi Rose radio piece, full list of participants which might appear in non-chronological order is below). It is also possible to use this open time to do nothing.