August 25–30, 2020

Nida Art Colony (NAC) of Vilnius Academy of Arts
E. A. Jonušo str. 3
LT-93127 Nida

This year it is a smaller scale gathering with peer-to-peer exchange and sharing your practices both as art and as research. Some tutors have already participated in previous NDS and will bring learnings both from them and from their PhD trajectories, exposition and defence procedures. Around dozen participants will have 45 min dedicated time to present their practice and get collective feedback as well as get some  individual  consultation time from their peers. Doctoral candidates are asked to present their practice both as research and art or (art) writing. We also ask to treat your presentation not as a formal powerpoint-no-interaction slide show but to make an exposition with an artefact you have brought and use the available white or green cube spaces in Nida.

Research community is an important element in every doctoral studies and we aim to make international and unbiased working environment. Nida Art Colony as a venue and surrounding site is a perfect place for community building and in depth-exchanges at a seminar table or in the artist studio, during collective cooking and dining, discussions by the fire or in sauna, swimming or taking a walk in the forest or dunes with no goal.

One of the goals of this gathering is to share and exchange various research cultures and methodologies around Nordic-Baltic region. We have noticed over time that the differences could be crucial and one could learn a lot from each other. Moreover the duality of practice as art and research needs more discussions. When and how artist & writer practice can be treated as research and how to avoid doing a double dissertation?


As due to the pandemic the international Nida Doctoral School was postponed to 2021, in August 2020 a KUNO PhD seminar was organised with the participation of 13 PhD candidates in art, design and art history from five academies from the Baltic States: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, Latvian Art Academy, Liepaja University, Estonian Academy of Arts.


Dr. Akvilė Anglickaitė
Dr. Varvara Guljajeva
Dr. Lina Michelkevičė
Dr. Darius Žiūra


Ieva Baltrėnaitė Vilnius Academy of Arts
Miglė Bereikaitė Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy
Rita-Legcilina- Broka Latvian Art Academy
Sirja-Liisa Eelma Estonian Academy of Arts
Marta Frejūtė Vilnius Academy of Arts
Barbora Gediminaitė Vilnius Academy of Arts
Evelina Januškaitė Vilnius Academy of Arts
Karolina Jašinskaitė Vilnius Academy of Arts
Valentinas Klimašauskas Vilnius Academy of Arts
Darja Popolitova Estonian Academy of Arts
Milda Sokolovaitė Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy
Gundega Strautmane Liepaja University
Simona Žemaitytė Vilnius Academy of Arts