• Residency period: Winter 2022
  • Neringa Forest Architecture Residency

Riitta (Nyyskä) Nykänen lives and works Siikavaara, Puolanka Finland.

She is an environmental educator, forest activist and a wannabe artist. She has worked for various educational institutions, Ministry of Education in Finland and for the last 22 years of her career for Finnish Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services as senior adviser of environmental education. From that post she retired in April 2022. Her roots and many of her activities and works also are connected to non-governmental organizations, for which she has provided training and materials of nature interpretation and understanding natural diversity. Lately she has been working closely with Mustarinda association and artist residence as natural diversity expert. Through Mustarinda she has resourced for example dance performances, film productions and workshops for schools and the general public.


Resting. Photo by Riitta Nykänen.

Polypore. Photo by Michaela Caskova.

Pondering. Photo by Riitta Nykänen.

Under a Spruce. Photo by Michaela Caskova.

Dreams. Photo by Michaela Caskova

Chores. Photo by Riitta Nykänen.

Mire Reception. Photo by Nina Wilenius, Mustarinda Association.