Blue P. Fleming, Pronoïa screenshot, 2023
  • Residency period: Spring/Summer 2024

Hello, I’m Blue Paul Fleming, a mutating object of desire hailing from the scattered islands of the worlds beyond water. An afro-Caribbean, born in Guadeloupe (Les Abymes) and raised in Sint-Marteen (F.W.I.), I’m an Intersex, queer, autistic, trans, solo parent.

As a filmmaker, photographer and SW, poet & essayist, I*Archive taboo intimacies with a focus on transgressive bodies and euphoria. PRONOÏA (2022–ongoing) is a series of short autobiographical hybrid porn films antithetical to the prevailing gaze on our bodies, family, and transcendence. 6X6bySix (2024–25) is a Constellation festival, six spaces of community gathering led by and for Racialised Trans Queers. I traverse the intersections of my identity with obsessive abolitionism, revolt and decolonial unweaving into every possible facets offered to my grasp.

Blue P. Fleming, stab patriarchy self portrait as part of the series Days of Belonging, 2022
Blue P. Fleming, Athens, family portrait as part of the series Days of Belonging. March 17th, 2022
Blue P. Fleming, humbolt klinikum, self portrait, 2022