Vidisha-Fadescha, Qworkaholics Anonymous II, 2020
  • Residency period: Spring/Summer 2024

Vidisha-Fadescha is an artist, curator and a cultural critic. Through a life-lived of a radical gender, caste, race and disability, they suggest centring one’s own pleasure and wellbeing as a liberatory practice towards abolition. Exerting Queer Anarchism, their artwork includes video, sound, text, and performance. They direct collective practices as a norm-critical pedagogy queering hegemony.

In 2020, Fadescha founded Party Office, an anti-caste, antiracist, trans-feminist, art and social space and time. Their multi-format project Qworkaholics Anonymous (2020–ongoing) asserts the very act of survival by marginalised people as Queer Labour, challenging the neo-liberal order. Burn All The Books That Call You The Unknown (2020–ongoing) are radical archives of self-representation.

Vidisha-Fadescha, Nesting in Rapid Floods: Qworkaholics Anonymous II, documenta 15, 2022. Photo: Nils Klinger
Vidisha-Fadescha, The Albanian Conference, 2021. Photo: Anna Ehrenstein
Vidisha-Fadescha, Burn All The Books That Call You The Unknown