Walking Tours by NAC resident Nastja Säde Rönkkö

VAA Nida Art Colonies artist in residence Nastja Säde Rönkkö is inviting you to the "Walking Tours". This is a project which will consider the nature of tourism and the subjective experience of remoteness in relation to contemporary network culture's rapidly evolving role in the dissemination and experience of the event.

The walks will use the language of tourism, yet rather than guiding somebody into experience of a place, the walks will seek to become reflections of subjective observations shared by two strangers. Every tour is for one participant only, and the participation is on first come first served basis. Each walk will start and finish at Nida Art Colony, the meeting place will be in front of the office. Upon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , further email will be send with instructions for each specific walk.


"Looking for Simon/e": artistic project by Lina Žigelytė

Given that tomorrow Lina Žigelytė is going out to Nida town to present her project "Searching for Simon/e", we have the pleasure and the honor to give you all the link to the soundscape of the project and to invite all of you coming to Nida at any time, to use is and take the virtual tour, constructed by Lina.

Download the soundscape here.

"all began as a wordplay. in the summer of 1965, simone de beauvoir, came to nida with jean paul sartre. this was part of a week-long trip to lithuania, organized by the soviets. not much is known about her experiences in nida, save for a few lines in the memoir. here we find out that simone de beauvoir was particularly taken by the dunes and the sea.


Thomas Mann festival in Nida Art Colony


June passed by as fast as the sea wind, Nida has bid farewell Pipa / Comida de Papel, the brazilian artist and cook which travelled almost all round Lithuania to gather loads of recipes of Lithuanian home cuisine. A couple of days ago Lina Žigelytė and Danius Kesminas also finalized their residencies in NAC.

On the 13th of July  XVII international Thomas Mann festival is starting in Nida. It will have events in various places, it will also be welcomed by Nida Art Colony.


Nidos meno kolonijos vasaros naujienos

Vilniaus dailės akademijos Nidos meno kolonijoje - vasaros karštis ir darbų įkarštis. Į antrą pusę krypsta "Contemporary Past: Counterstrategies for Greenwashing" kūrybinės dirbtuvės, visai šalia - Joninės, netruks priartėti ir Tomo Mano festivalis.

Visu vasaros metu ir dalį rudens čia vyks Vilniaus dailės akademijos ir kitų universitetų studentų praktikos, kurį laiką bus organizuojami dailės užsiėmimai visiems norintiems ir t.t. Interesantams primename, kad - nepaisant to, kad mielai norėtume visus priimti - visi Nidos meno kolonijos kambariai užimti ir artimiausias laikas, kuriam vėl galėtume priimti poilsiautojus yra spalio mėnuo.


June-July 2013 residents in NAC


Since the end of May / beginning of June Nida Art Colony is hosting a new group of residents. One of them has arrived already during the Symposium - it's Pipa "Comida de Papel", working on a recipe project which she started developing while on residency in Poland. She has already gathered quite many of those from Lithuanian home-cuisine and is now working on their transcription and translation. All of them will be posted in a trilingual blog, for now you can find them in her Facebook profile.


Workshop "Counterstrategies for Greenwashing": public events

"Contemporary Past" is once again at Nida Art Colony, and is working on "Counterstrategies for Greenwashing". Below there's a list of the events all are welcome to attend. However, the language of the events is English (except the Bat Workshop) and events are subject to change, thus please visit the program to double check it before leaving the house.


Inter-Format 2013 Aftermath

Symposium "Inter-format" has invited to Nida Art Colony a plenty of art professionals - artists, curators, theoretics, as well as young art students that started the symposium a couple of days before everyone else did with a workshop curated by Barnaby Drabble. A great plenty of questions was raised, new pages were turned over, but - just as it started - everything ended in a blink of an eye.


Exhibition in Neringa History museum from workshop See the Sea

Welcome to see the Exhibition in Neringa History museum from the workshop See the Sea until 10th of June. Exhibition is made by students and professors from 4 art schools during
May 24-31 in KUNO intensive course/painting workshop "See the Sea" (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Art Academy of Latvia, Umea Academy of Fine Arts, University of Gothenborg, Valand Academy).