KUNO SEMINAR: Common Boundaries

Teaching period: Feb 6–11, 2023
Teachers: Agata Marzetsova and Sean Tyler (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Level: MA 

Course description

This research workshop explores how struggles over the boundaries between economy and society, production and reproduction, and work from family are brought into light through the concept of commons. Through the lens of materialist feminism, we are critically interrogate the notion of commons and commoning, but also exploring its creative possibilities as a method ofcoproduction of diverse knowledge and different models of sharing.  

The workshop is taking the Curonian Spit national park as a vantage point from which to investigate these curiosities beyond the Baltic area, along with ways in which these histories have been challenged in the context of specific urban and natural environments.  

NAC and the Curonian Spit are acting as cases of our investigation through a series of excursions, workshops, seminars and student-led enquiries into critical theory, interdisciplinary knowledge-production and artistic research.


Kalina Trajanovska (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Ishrat Shaheen (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Maria Ulloa (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Alp Eren Ozalp (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Aleyna Canpolat (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Jim Wolff (Estonian Academy of Arts – Erasmus exchange programme)
Larisa Illitterati (Estonian Academy of Arts – Erasmus exchange programme)
Pooyan Jalilvand (University of Bergen)
Laura Dzērve (Latvian Academy of Arts)
Linas Kristopas Gabrielaitis (Vilnius Academy of Arts)
Catja Tonberg (HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design)
Ida Boman (Umeå University)