The Albanian Conference (Anna Ehrenstein, DNA, Fadescha, Rebecca Pokua Korang)

“Inspired by the AAWC, interdisciplinary artist Anna Ehrenstein invited artist-activists Vidisha-Fadescha, DNA (Blair and Clint Opara), and Rebecca Pokua Korang to her home country of Albania in 2021. Repurposing the format of the ‘conference’ for a generation cynical of institutional stricture, their gathering foregrounded friendship and informal exchange in a part-roadtrip part-big-brother-esque setting. The emergent alliance produced four videos along the coastline of Albania, choosing sites that are being exploited by post-colonial systems of social and ecological extraction. A post-digital aesthetic exudes irreverence on the surface, however, it is backed by the group’s experiences in political organizing: be it desiring the end of the militarization of police forces and brutality, like the End-Sars movement DNA have been protesting in Lagos, the abolition of gender and caste systems Fadescha is addressing in the Indian context, the antiracist protests of Pokua’s and Ehrenstein’s Berlin base or the state capture context of Albania.” —Shaunak Mahbubani

The Albanian Conference has been exhibited at the Lagos Biennial 2024, KOW, Berlin, 2021 and 6th Ural Industrial Biennial (2021).

List of Collaborators