Mihaela Drăgan

Mihaela Drăgan is a multidisciplinary artist with an education in theatre who lives in Bucharest and works in several other countries. In 2014, she founded Giuvlipen Theatre Company together with other Roma actresses, for which she is an actress, director and playwright.

In 2018, Drăgan was a resident artist in Hong Kong at Para Site Contemporary Art Centre, where she developed Roma Futurism – a project that lies at the intersections of Roma culture, technology and witchcraft. Her performance ”Roma Futurism” has been showcased in art spaces, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), FutuRoma (a collateral exhibition at the Venice Biennale), the Critical Romani Studies conference (Central European University, Budapest) and the Romanian Cultural Institute (London).

In 2021, she exhibited her first video installation ”Future is a safe place hidden in my braids”, a work divided into three short films that depict futuristic rituals for healing the transgenerational trauma of Roma people, whilst projecting a safe future for the community The videoart was exhibited in Kathmandu, Berlin, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca.

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