NAC Price Policy

Price categores
NAC membershipProfessionals working in the field of culture receive 25% discount from regular price upon subsribing to an annual NAC membership paying one time fee of 24€. Subscription can be made at any time of the year, but it will expire with the end of the calendar year. Priority is given to VAA related culture fields: professionals working in the fields of fine arts, design and architecture; researchers and academics of humanities, social politics, political science and sociology, as well as practitioners of exact sciences working on interdisciplinary projects.
Educational and culture workshops at NACEducational and culture workshops and seminars at NAC can be booked with 25% discount from regular price.
VAA students and staffCurrently active VAA staff members, currently enrolled students and doctoral students receive 50% discount from regular price; summer holidays can be booked as of “first come / first serve” policy upon the announcement of the booking deadline.
ChildrenAccompanied by adults, children age 7–15 pay 8€ (regular price) 6€ (NAC membership price) 4€ (VAA price) per night. Children 0–6 stay for free.
PetsPets pay 8€ (regular price) 6€ (NAC membership price) 4€ (VAA price) / 6 nights.