• Residency period: Winter 2018

Takako Yamaguchi (b. 1978) Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree. She lives in Gunma and Fukushima. Takako is interested in shaking certain boundaries of land. Boundaries are everywhere, but it’s hard to see where they might be somewhere or something. Curtains, ledges, fog, air, radioactivity, personal treasures. Boundaries are like the building blocks of human beings. But her expression is not just about framing boundaries, but finding ways to blur them.

She explores ways of recurring relationships that change with the seasons.
Besides being an artist, Takako has been working as a curator since 2017, and she is working at NAKANOJO Artisti in Residence 2020-2023, Katurao AIR 2022-2023.





Takako Yamaguchi, Window Plants, 2018. Courtesy of Takako Yamaguchi.

Takako Yamaguchi, The turns, 2021. Photo credit Satoshi Mouri.

Takako Yamaguchi, The turns, 2021. Courtesy of Takako Yamaguchi.