• Residency period: Winter 2019

Susanna Flock /  lives and works in Vienna / Taking an associative approach, Flock looks at the traces left by the intertwining of technology and everyday life. Digital technologies emerged through the labor economies of late capitalism and are always considered by her in that context. Flock deals with internet phenomena and gaming environments which she mostly takes up in the form of video installations.

Her works have been shown in solo shows at Vašulka Kitchen, Brno (2022), Forum Stadtpark, Graz (2022), Eikon Schauraum Vienna, (2021), BB 15, Linz (2020), Titanik Gallery (Turku 2020), Jedna Dva Tři Gallery (Prague 2019), EKA Galerii (Tallinn 2017) and Neue Galerie (Graz 2017).



Susanna Flock, My inventory is a black hole.

Susanna Flock, Copies.

Susanna Flock, I don’t exist yet, 2020.