Saskia Fischer, Lights, 2022. Photo: Laurynas Skeisgiela
  • Residency period: Spring 2024
  • Individual Residency

Saskia Fischer is an interdisciplinary artist working with images, objects, texts, and environments. Fischer’s research is concerned with the paradigms that form and inform landscape as a reflection of cultural and social values. She examines the ways Western understanding separates anthropological urbanity from a colonial concept of nature, reinforcing problematic notions of femininity and what is ‘natural’. Her working motifs draw on transitory architectures and the fabricated barrier between nature and the commons. This interdisciplinary research is expressed through texts, glass and installations synthesising diverse media-blending materials and motives from architecture, mobility, urban planning, landscape design, horticulture, gender studies and art history.

Saskia Fischer, État, 2018
Saskia Fischer, Violets, 2021
Saskia Fischer, The City is a Forest, 2022. Photo: Giorgos Vitsaropoulo