Sallamari Rantala, Flesh of the woods and the human why did i now write them so separate, 2022. Photo: Vitalij Červiakov

  • Residency period: Winter 2023
  • Neringa Forest Architecture Residency

I set out to make paper but instead lignin appeared.
Then made a night  lamp for sleeping as a solution for the echoing bedroom. 

Sallamari Rantala, a Finnish-born visual artist, works across the Finnish regions of Kempele, Paljakka, and Vilnius, Lithuania. In her work she positions herself between extractive habits and sensitisation to local materialities and strives to avoid reducing the nature of nature-knowing, and instead, seeks to consider a broader understanding of humane knowledge and experience.

Sallamari Rantala, According to the Walls, 2022. Photo: Andrej Vasilenko

Sallamari Rantala, It Got Dark Before We Got Out, 2021. Photo: Ugnius Gelguda

Sallamari Rantala, On the bench one is drooping in exhaustion, in the sleepy mind scientific names of lichen form into a mantra, 2022. Photo: Vitalij Červiakov



Funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture