• Residency period: Spring 2023
  • Bodies as Lands – Sociotechnical Imaginaries and Spatial Arrangements in Eastern Europe

Teta Tsybulnyk is an artist, visual anthropologist and aspiring psychoanalyst based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her research spans from the non-human gaze on nature to semiotics of the unconscious and dreams. She is the co-founder of ruїns collective, an art group currently consisting of herself and Elias Parvulesco. They co-authored a number of video works including dendro dreams (2017), zong (2019), K-Object from LL-Group (2019), and Salty Oscillations (2021).The films were screened at international film festivals (FIDMarseille, Glasgow Short Film Festival, Docudays UA) and art exhibitions (MAXXI National Museum in Rome, Royal Art & History Museum in Brussels, Art Centre Silkeborg Bad). 


Oleksandr Teliuk (also known by a moniker Elias Parvulesco) is a film scholar, artist and curator. As a film archivist and programmer he works at the Dovzhenko Center, Ukrainian state film archive. As an artist and director he took part in a number of film festivals (the most recent of them are FIDMarseille; Oberhausen; Glasgow and others), and exhibitions (‘Unfolding Landscapes’, Silkeborg; ‘antiwarcoalition.art’, online, Kyiv; ‘Chain Reaction’, Rome, Bratislava; ‘To Watch the War’, Wintertour; ‘Heart of Earth’, Kyiv). He was a nominee of the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2020.

He also a co-founder of ruїns collective Kyiv-based film and art union that aimed to reflect on the complex world of today and develop appropriate ethical paradigms.



Teta Tsybulnyk, 2022. Image by Maryana Klochko.

Elias Parvulesco, 2019. Photo by Pinchukartcenter.

Teta Tsybulnyk, zong, 2019. Image by ruins collective.

Teta Tsybulnyk, Salty Oscillations, 2021. Image by ruins collective.

Teta Tsybulnyk, K-object from LL Group, 2019. Image by ruins collective.

Teta Tsybulnyk, dendro dreams, 2017. Image by ruins collective.