Pêdra Costa, Solange, tô aberta!, 2018. Photo: Luiz Lima
  • Residency period: Spring/Summer 2024

Pêdra Costa is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, tarot reader, and visual and urban anthropologist, based between Berlin and Vienna. Costa’s work has garnered attention for its groundbreaking approach that merges art with activism, spirituality, and academia. In 2023, Costa was honoured with the Erste Bank Art Award in Vienna. They utilise intimacy to connect with collectivity and their artistic practice revolves around the body as a primary mode of expression. They delve into the complexities of queer epistemologies, particularly within the context of ongoing colonial legacies, seeking to decode violence and transform failure into creative fuel. Drawing from invisible knowledge, Costa embodies potency to survive neocolonial and necropolitical structures.


Pêdra Costa, de_colon_isation part III: the bumbum cream, 2017. Photo: Joanna Pianka
Pêdra Costa, 101011, 2023. Photo: eSeL.at
Pêdra Costa, The Deities’ Closet, 2023. Photo: Cansu Tandoğan
Pêdra Costa, The Lady in White, 2015. Photo: Arthur Little