New Kyd, 2023. Photo: Arthur Sobrinho
  • Residency period: Summer 2024
  • Coast of Pleasures

New Kyd lives and works in Zurich. Through a unique fusion of somatic practices, improvisational movement, and deep scholarly inquiry, Kyd has carved out a distinctive creative practice that challenges conventions and invites audiences into transformative experiences.

They have a keen eye for researching and composing emotional landscapes while exploring strategies of survival from (and for) bodies of the diaspora. 

Their latest work RESTLESS: land of nois.e,premiered at Tanzhaus Zurich in 2024. They are an accomplice of Tanzhaus Zurich until mid-2026 as part of a collaborative programme between artists and the Tanzhaus Dramaturgy Pool called the accomplices model.

New Kyd, GHOST Kyd bag, 2020. Photo: Sahra Ribaut