• Residency period: Autumn 2020
  • Neringa Forest Architecture Residency

Laura Garbštienė lives and works in Šklėriai, a small village near Dzūkija National Park. She lives with a small herd of Skudde sheep, spinning their wool is her daily practice. In 2017 Laura Garbštienė started Verpėjos (The Spinners) initiative to research and discuss rural traditional lifestyle and nature preservation, activate discourse on changes and processes, both local and global. Garbštienė promotes spinning as an anti-capitalist movement that unites people from diverse cultural backgrounds, interested in temporal art forms, as well as spinning as a process that helps to understand the constant change and flow of nature. Garbštienė graduated from the textile department at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her exhibitions include Akademija gallery in Vilnius (2009), Vartai gallery in Vilnius (2012), and Atletika gallery in Vilnius (2019).




Funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture