• Residency period: Summer 2024
  • Children’s Plant Library

Kseniia Shcherbakova is a Kyiv-based hair designer, clothmaker, costume designer, sound artist, performance artist, musician, cultural activist, and volunteer. Between 2020 and 2022, Shcherbakova was one of the residents of the Odesa community of artists OSRZ-2. She is part of the Beauty Studio volunteer group based in the south of Ukraine, helping people from the de-occupied territories. Shcherbakova’s main projects include the performative hair salon Raiskii Raiiii (Paradise Heaven) (2020), Trash Atelier – Circulation of Infernation (2020), and the music project Vixiii (2022). A crucial aspect of her work is the materials used. She places the highest value on renewable or ecologically friendly materials and trash and often works within the natural environment, offering ecological and ecocatastrophic perspectives while interacting with space. The foundation of her work is to study and reveal social behaviour in unusual situations and the beauty of change as a phenomenon. Accepting changes means leaving the comfort zone; her primary goal is to place the viewer in this state.