• Residency period: Summer 2012

Jurga Juodytė /  lives and works in City Vilnius / Lithuania  / I work in the areas of interdisciplinary projects, video performance, social design, conceptual art and communication. My ideas are generated while analysing the comments on social problems and insights of popular communication: lifestyle and clichés conveyed via advertisement, gender stereotypes, criticism of mass communication. In my works I examine the synergy of individuality and sociability.

Presence of a physical body (and consequently, physical pain) and need to be happy at any price (and consequently, expectations) level the differences between individuals and repress our uniqueness. I apply a transgression strategy (acceptance of the approach of other) and invite a viewer to observe consequences of the experiment – discovered inadequacies and newly created meanings. 


I am

genealogy line.


I am always in between.


My mother – whale.

It is impossible to fit her naked body into A1 format.


My daughter – Tadpole.

The Pink ladies world can’t fit in to my endless jobs  schedules.


I am genealogical thread.


My conscience strings are always stretched. 

I am a gymnast of balance.

I am always in between.








Modular instalation, 2021. Courtesy of Jurga Juodytė.


Modular, 2021. Courtesy of Jurga Juodytė.


White Page instalation, Vilnius, 2016. Courtesy of Jurga Juodytė.