• Residency period: Summer 2016, Autumn 2011

John Grzinich / lives and works on Earth /  Freelance artist and cultural coordinator working with various practices combining sound, moving image, site-specificity, and collaborative social structures. Composing, performing and exhibiting since the mid 1990’s. Focus in recent years has been to merge sound, listening and performance practices with various media to challenge ingrained anthropocentric perceptions of terrestrial existence. Coordinates activities for the artist-run organization MoKS and is currently a visiting Associate Professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts.





John Grzinich, Frozen Peipsi, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


John Grzinich, Wadi Rum, 2018. Photo by Pavel Borecky.


John Grzinich, Portrait of a sounding Object, 2012. Courtesy of the artist.


John Grzinich, Workshop at Soundplay Festival, Gdansk Poland, 2014. Photo by Rafal Gonta Wozniak.