• Residency period: Autumn 2020
  • Individual Residencies

Gisèle Gonon is a visual artist currently based between Berlin and Tallinn. Her work focuses on agricultural production models and aims to overcome the rural-urban duality. Land, as a tool of production but also as a symbolic and emotional space – to be surveyed, mapped, probed – is constitutive of her mixed-media installations. Through drawings, sculptures, conceptual cereal gardens, textiles or video projects, she examines the structural phenomena that lead to the exploitation of biological resources (e.g., Land Grabbing, Patents on Life). Whether in agriculture or in art, the questions related to our production processes are in her practice primordial contemporary stakes. Her work has been exhibited at EKKM Contemporary Art.



Gisèle Gonon, Heirloom v2, 2020-21. Photo credit Philippe Gerlach
Soil, seeds from Lithuania. 105 cm diameter ; Weight about 500 kg.


Gisèle Gonon, On Leaving a Trail of Destruction in Their Wake, 2023. Courtesy of Gisèle Gonon
Free motion embroidery. Fabric, gray and blue threads, left: 160 x 98 cm – right: 270 x 98 cm.

Gisèle Gonon, Celestial Rings, 2022. Courtesy of Gisèle Gonon
Video, color, sound, loop (19:42) ; video still


Gisèle Gonon, Against the Grain, 2022. Courtesy of Gisèle Gonon.
In-situ-Installation at EKKM Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, 2022. About 60 m2, 35 tons of plant soil. Seeds from Estonia, Lithuania and France.


Gisèle Gonon, Les racines de l’héritage dans la cosmogonie des prés (The roots of heritage in the cosmogony of the meadows), 2021. Photo credit Fantin Ravel.
Silk-screen printing, 70 x 50 cm.
Limited edition, 35 copies


Gisèle Gonon, Marquer la baraignée, 2022. Photo credit Frederick Vidal
Blue twine, nails. 300 x 200 x 2 cm.