Fred Heinemann, Eva-Maria Lisa Körber, Zvi Hecker “To arrive at beauty you have to build your own vehicle” (film still), 2015

  • Residency period: Winter 2024

Eva-Maria Lisa Körber lives and works in Berlin. She trained as a carpenter and architect in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden and graduated from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in 2016. Körber is one of the founding members of the Centre for Documentary Architecture (CDA), an interdisciplinary project that explores buildings as documents and built environments as archives in which history is inscribed. Her research in Nida, is undertaken in collaboration with the CDA and centres on the history of Nida Art Colony. In Berlin, Körber designs furniture and interiors alongside her other projects. She is one of the creative heads behind BeYond Collective Berlin, a music and event collective, label and artist family.

Eva-Maria Lisa Körber and BeYond, Kelpwald, 2022. Photo: Eva-Maria Lisa Körber

Eva-Maria Lisa Körber, excerpt of Nautilus, 2015