Photo: Robert Hamacher
  • Residency period: Summer-Autumn 2023, Summer 2024
  • Coast of Pleasures

,Bruch‘- is a framework for research and production across the fields of theatre, art and academia. In collaboration with artists and performers, they develop spatial compositions, performative translations and gestural repertories out of material borrowed from the margins of cultural history. Specific dramaturgies, genres, atmospheres, playing styles, textures and objects are brought into contact in order to explore ways to communicate between irreducibly different perceptions. Their work has been shown at venues and festivals such as Theater Neumarkt (Zurich), Teatri Kombëtar Eksperimental (Tirana), Münchner Kammerspiele (Munich), Thalia Theater (Hamburg), Ballhaus Ost (Berlin), Cabaret Voltaire (Zurich), NS-Dokumentationszentrum (Munich), Tangente St. Pölten and Brechtfestival Augsburg.