• Residency period: Autumn 2016
  • AIR Krems

Barbara Kapusta lives and works in Vienna. She works with time-based digital media, sculpture, queer-feminist theory and poetry. Her four-channel video installation Solar (2022) is a dystopian science fiction about the (dark) end of the fossil age as well as the dream of infinite resources. In it, four giant techno-human figures roam a dilapidated landscape. Extractive neoliberal capitalism and the fossil fuel economy have led to its devastation. 

Nevertheless, Solar raises the question of a future based on a economy, that does not rely on resource-consuming exploitation. Energy is abundant in this fictitious world. It runs through the bodies. “We dream of abundance,” they say, “of wastefulness. 


We share
what is not ours. 


We look fondly 

at our capacity 

a new sensibility 

for our generosity is the core 

of this community 

of energy.




Barbara Kapusta, Solar, 2022, four-channel HD Video, sound, loop, 07:00min
Still: Barbara Kapusta


Solar (Teaser)


Barbara Kapusta, Futures, 2022, aluminum casts, polished, 2K video, loop, 07:00 min, speakers, 55 ́ monitor, Raspberry Pie, aluminum poles, Sound: Lenka Adamcova, installation view Kunsthalle Bratislava
Photo: Leontína Berková


Barbara Kapusta, A New Fiery Community, 2022, black vinyl, 470 cm x 490 cm, installation view „Let your ( ) do the talking“ at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein
Photo: Simon Vogel