Anna Ehrenstein with Osiriz33, Passdeutscha, 2023
  • Residency period: Spring/Summer 2024

Anna Ehrenstein lives between Berlin, Tirana and the cloud. Her practices engage with networked epistemologies in a post-digital and neocolonial world – examining how technology and digital-material culture reshape power relations. The process of materialising intangible data is integral to her installations, which are deeply rooted in community and collectivity. Ehrenstein adopts a precarious assemblage approach, collaborating extensively with diverse groups, particularly through south-south collaborations. She believes in the radical potential of spiritual coalition, ritualistic practices, and collective unlearning. Born in Germany to Albanian parents with trans-Ottoman ancestry, she harbours a keen interest in concepts such as plasticity, creolisation, Islamic and protoscience fiction. She has been showing internationally and was a guest professor at the interdisciplinary MFA ‘New Research in Art and Technology’ between UDK Berlin and Technical University. She continues to lecture and give talks in academies across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Anna Ehrenstein with Fadescha, DNA, Rebecca Pokua Korang, The Albanian Conference, 2021
Anna Ehrenstein with Saliou Ba, Awa Seck, Donkafele, Lydia Likibi, Nywamwathi Gichau, 2021
Anna Ehrenstein, Tupamaras Technophallus at KOW Berlin, 2020