T-R-A-C-E-S and Nordic Artists are warming up in the residency

Since the end of March Colony started to welcome Artists in residency. At the moment there are 10 artists working in the Colony.

You can follow photo&video documentation of all the activities on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/NidaArtColony.


Nordic residencies (April-May, 2011)

Tamara Henderson (from Canada, lives and works in Stockholm)

Krišs Salmanis (Latvia)

Marta Vosyliūtė (Lithuania)


T-R-A-C-E-S.net residencies (23rd March-31st May)

Natalia Borissova (from Russia, lives and works in Berlin/Munich)

Justin Tyler Tate (from Canada/USA, lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia)

Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti (from Spain/USA, lives and worsk in Berlin)

Hanna Husberg (from Finland, lives and works in Paris)

Jodi Rose (from Australia, lives and works in Berlin)

Ernest Truely (from USA, lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia)

Marjolein Houben (from Netherlands, lives and works in Berlin) and Irmelin Joelson (Sweden, Gothenburg)


NAC Preview to the Community of Vilnius Academy of Arts

On 19th of March we made the NAC Preview to the Community of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The colony was hosting more than 100 students and professors. The space of the colony became open studios where different departments were showing their works and processes: photography, videoart, sculpture, printmaking, painting, textile, architecture, design, ceramics, etc. The outcomes of one week long audiovisual workshop was presented as a performance and exhibition.

Pictures are in NAC Facebook page or in Flickr account.

Preview of Nida Art Colony

Durig 18-19th of March Nida Art Colony is going to be open for preview.

On 18th  at 4 p.m. local community and cultural institutions are invited.

On 19th from 3 to 6 p.m. every room of the colony becomes an open studio of all Vilnius Academy of Arts departments.

Open Door Week in the Colony

Nida Art Colony invites all curators and cultural/educational operators to Open Door Week in the Colony between 10th and 15th of May. Colony offers to stay for free for a couple of days, to feel the atmosphere and to think of possible events in the future. Every evening guests are presenting their past activities/products to the Colony audience and the other guests. Please register to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį. till 28th of April.

CALL for T-R-A-C-E-S residencies and Symposium INTERFORMAT

T-R-A-C-E-S.net residencies: between March 21 and May 31, 2011; duration: 4 to 9 weeks; for artists willing to produce site-specific (locally found material, alternative concepts of Nida Art Colony, etc.) or sustainable and eco/logic/nomical works; artists are expected to contribute to the INTER-FORMAT Symposium; 2-5 grants for sustainable living, production and travel expenses available. More...

Deadline: February 28, 2011; please send T-R-A-C-E-S application to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.


INTER-FORMAT Symposium: Reinventing Interdisciplinarity > adapting to the future (part of the T-R-A-C-E-S.net project):
May 3-6, 2011, Nida/Vilnius.

Deadline: February 28, 2011; please send your proposals for contributions to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.

The symposium’s goal is to gather artists, curators, researchers and practitioners and reinvent the format of presenting and sharing art, knowledge and experience. One of the key features of contemporary culture is the changing role of the artist, who sometimes assumes the role of a researcher and curator, and vice versa. Where are the borders of these roles? How could a serious researcher and theorist do a performance, and how could a playful artist do serious research and theorize? More...

Nida Art Colony in festival Transmediale

Nida Art Colony is participating in festival Transmediale in Berlin (01-06.02.2011)

Call for Events and Rent of Facilities for 2011

NAC welcomes proposals from other organisations and curators to make cultural or educational events it its premises (including accommodating participants). Check renting and accommodation prices and use the the 50% discount given to cultural or educational institutions. If you want to rent our premises and accommodate participants (up to 63), please download and fill in the application form and send it to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį. by 28th of February. You can also apply for rent throughout the year, if any free places are left after the deadline.

If NAC does not house events organised by cultural or educational institutions, its premises can be rented to institutions engaged in other activities.
Contact the Colony for further details.

Call for summer Artists-in-residence programme till 28th Feb.


Keywords: Fluxus sand, the Baltic sea as a medium, beaches and breeze, labyrinths of forest paths, smoked fish, solitude, mind massage, landscape meditation, contemplating the ten-meter-high studio space, migrating from water to water, the company of moose, foxes and wild boar, media lab, reinventing tradition, creative sunbathing, socializing in an artists‘ community.

Nida Art Colony, a new subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts, invites artists, designers, architects, art researchers and curators to apply for a residency and work in Nida for a month or more between June and September 2011. The application deadline is February 28.

The residency in Nida will meet your expectations if:

  • the intensity of urban life consumes all of your time and leaves you without energy to concentrate on artistic practice
  • invitations to openings, presentations and other events keep piling up, and you want to finish an old work or start a new one in a calm state of mind
  • you are willing to give up the city noise for a gentle brain massage performed by the pine forest and the sound of sea tides
  • you are working with site-specific projects involving local communities, reflecting the natural and/or cultural environment, etc.
  • you love coincidences and want to meet different artists from all over the world in order to collaborate with them now or in the future
  • you wish to switch from meditation in front of the screen to landscape meditation

Time and accommodating solitude are becoming the most important values today, and these are plenty at Nida Art Colony. The Nida AIR programme offers the necessary living and socialising facilities that ensure comfortable and unobtrusive coexistence of the five artists-in-residence.

Conditions. Selected candidates will live and work at Nida Art Colony for one to four months. They will use the Colony‘s equipment, bicycles and minivan. Each of the five residencies is set out on two floors, has 65 sq. m of floor space, and features all the necessary facilities. The studio space is on one floor, while the other hosts a bedroom (which can accommodate a family). In two of the residencies, the ceiling is as high as ten metres. A 600-metre walk down a forest path from the Colony is a white sand Blue Flag beach with sand dunes. The Colony is located in the National Park, and the harmony between intact nature and culture in its surroundings strikes the eye. For more information about the conditions, visithttp://nidacolony.lt/en/residence

There are no grants for summer residencies. However, selected candidates will be presented a letter of support, which will make it easier for them to look for scholarships. The residency at Nida Art Colony costs 412 Eur per month, including all taxes, use of equipment, bicycles and the minivan. If you prefer to experience the atmosphere at the seaside resort during autumn and winter or take advantage of the grants, please consider waiting for the next call for proposals (the application deadline for October-January residencies is June 15).

Location.To reach Nida Art Colony, you have to take a ferry from Klaipėda to Smiltynė and follow the main road for 50 km by public or private transport. The closest airport is in Palanga (86 km, 1,5 hours). Other (larger) airports are in Kaunas (270 km, 3 hours) and Vilnius (357 km, 4,5 hours). Nida Art Colony is on the Curonian Spit, which is a peninsula separating the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. In the year 2000 the Curonian Spit was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the most beautiful and unique cultural landscapes of Europe. More information at http://nidacolony.lt/en/colony

Please apply here http://nidacolony.lt/en/residence/application