About "The Future of the Image"

Erasmus Intensive Programme
10-24 August 2014

An introductory lecture at Nida Doctoral School / Nida Art Colony in August 2014,
photo by prof.David Bate

The intensive programme Artistic Research: The Future of the Image is tailored for students pursuing Doctor of Arts degree in fine arts, sound art and design. Participants will critically read – examine, interpret and apply – two texts by Jacques Rancière: The Future of the Image (2003) and The Emancipated Spectator (2008).

Tutors of the programme:
- Dr. Mick Wilson (Head of Valand Academy, Gothenburg University)
- Prof. David Bate (Department of Photography and Film, Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media, Westminster University)
- Academy Research Fellow Dr. Teija Löytönen (Department of Art, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, formerly affiliated with the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Performing Arts Research Centre)
- Dr. Antanas Kučinskas (Department of Music Theory, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)
- Prof. Alvydas Lukys (Department of Photography and Media, Vilnius Academy of Arts)

Tutors will give summarising talks, present case studies, demonstrate how the insights of The Future of the Image and The Emancipated Spectator can be applied in artistic practice, provoke and moderate theoretical debates.

External guest speakers – Kristupas Sabolius (Department of Philosophy, Vilnius University, LT, author of The Imaginary, 2013) and Oliver Davis (School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Warwick University, UK, author of the critical introduction to Jacques Rancière, 2010, editor of Rancière Now, 2013) – will present their approach to and reading of Rancière’s philosophy, and contribute to formal and informal discussions.

The programme hosts 15 doctoral students. Students come from five European Art Universities: Aalto University (FI), University of Gothenburg (SE), The University of Westminster (UK), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LT) and Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT). They are expected to engage in analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the texts. They are expected to examine certain text passages and to present their content as well as interpretation. Both students and tutors will present and discuss their own artistic and research practices.

The programme aims to offer friendly study atmosphere, encourages informal knowledge exchange and tries to combine this with professional theoretical debates and insights. The programme consists of presentations, informal discussions, independent work, formal discussions and individual consultations. Artistic interventions by students and tutors, thematic film screenings, collective cooking and other kinds of contributions are most welcome.

The language of the programme is English.

The Programme is organised and hosted by Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA). All participation costs for selected students are covered by the EU Erasmus Programme and the organisers. 


Jacques Rancière
The Future of the Image
The Emancipated Spectator
Vilnius Academy of Arts 
Aalto University 
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The University of Westminster 
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre