Rezidentų receptai

Ši receptų kolekcija yra kulinarinis meno projektas, siūlantis savo virtuvėje išmėginti VDA Nidos meno kolonijos rezidentų receptus, siūlomus eksperimentus ir originalius išradimus. Ši skiltis skirta dalytis ir ragauti.


Dutch Pea Soup by Bas Ketelaars ((NL) January-February, 2017)

pea soup bas

Simmer one or two unions till they're glazy, then add a celeriac in cubes. Rinse (between 500 g‒1 kg) peas and add it with a little coriander, some thyme, one or two bay leafs and some savory (satureja). Add hot water till everything is flooded and cook everything on low heat for about one hour and a half (stir regularly in between and check if there's enough water). 15 min before its ready you can add a leek in small pieces. Add salt.

You can add meat, like smoked sausage or bacon if you like.

Sweet potatoes by Lynette Smith ((AU) / February-March, 2016


Peel and cut the sweet potato into pieces, not too small—you don’t want them to fall apart during the cooking. I cut them into quarters.
Boil them until they are soft but not too soft.
Drain them and let the steam go so they dry out a bit.
Grate fresh ginger.
Heat the oil and throw in the ginger and some black pepper and the sweet potato.
Shake them around the pan to make sure they are covered in oil, ginger and pepper but don’t stir. Just let them sit there getting a nice golden crust on the bottom. After a while shake the pan to turn the potato over a little in the pan so that other parts of the potato are at the bottom.
Toast sesame seeds gently.
Slip the sweet potatoes out of the pan onto a plate and sprinkle over the sesame seeds.