Nida Art Colony team and residents wish you the bright and arty spring!

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Photo by artist Maria A. Maeser

We invite you to Open Studios in March


VAA Nida Art Colony invites to the Open Studios night on Friday, 25th of March, at 5 p.m. Five artists: Alicja Bielawska (Poland), Marija A. Maeser (Austria), Šarūnas Nakas (Lithuania), Lynette Smith (Australia), Sara Wolfert (Sweden), will present creative projects which they have done during one or two months residency at Nida Art Colony.


Thank you for being with Nida Art Colony for all of those 5 years!

symposium 2012

This week is very special for Nida Art Colony, because we begin it having reached our 5th anniversary!  


Nida A-I-R in March 2016

From left to right: Anne-Liis Kogan (EE/NO), Maria A Maeser (AT) and Sara Wolfert (SE).
Photo by Julija Navarskaitė.
Three new residents arrived to Nida Art Colony in March: Anne-Liis Kogan (EE/NO), Sara Wolfert (SE) and Maria A Maeser (AT). Anne-Liis and Sara returned at Nida Art Colony after one year.


VAA Nida Art Colony will turn a century-old water reservoir into a temporary gallery

Vandens rezervuaras
Water reservoir. Photo by urban exploration project Pamirš
VAA Nida Art Colony’s project Climbing Invisible Structures has approached the exhibition stage. The last participating artists returned home from residencies in Lithuania, Norway and Iceland in the end of the last year. This year Nida Art Colony will organize the first presentation of their creative results on April 29 – May 15


Rees Archibald will hold a noise workshop

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The Australian artist Rees Archibald, currently based in Lithuania, is organising a sound workshop called “Touch some noise” on the 19th of March at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. During the workshop the artist will show how to make a microphone by yourself and will conduct a group noise performance.


Nida Doctoral Summer School, Nida Art Colony: Call for applications

 MG 8462
Reading room / library with a view to the lighthouse at new building of Nida Art Colony. Photo by Andrej Vasilenko.
“CO-ACTION: Artists Placements in Non-Arts Organisations”, in Nida, Neringa, Lithuania, 22-28 August, 2016, in Nida, Lithuania.


Open Studios in February 2016

Alicja Bielawska at her studio. Photo by Julija Navarsakitė. 
Open Studios in February 2016. Residents participating: Lynette Smith (AU), Sybille Neumeyer (DE), Alicja Bielawska (PL), Šarūnas Nakas (LT), Stéphanie Roland (BE), Nida A-I-R team.