The exhibition “WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale)” on 16th July – 27th August

Menlibayeva still 1 Transoxiana Dreams-videoL2 as Smart Object-1
Almagul Menlibayeva, Transoxiana Dreams, HD single channel video projection, colour, sound, 23 min, 2011. Courtesy AEAALLC
The exhibition The Many Headed Hydra #02: WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale) opened on 16th of July at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (E.A. Jonušo str. 3, Nida, Neringa) and works as a series of evocations and a radio magazine with international contributions. The show engages the sea and intercultural mythology, merging them with contemporary issues.


Open studios in July 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 18.47.29
Image from Katarina Poliacikova’s video
The Open Studios evening took place on 28th of July at VAA Nida Art Colony. Colony’s resident Katarina Poliacikova (SK) presented project titled “Fires Venice Tequila Sunsets”


Nida A-I-R in August 2017

IMG 6117
Rokas Dovydėnas and Theresa Stroetges. Photo by Jogintė Bučinskaitė
Rokas Dovydėnas (LT), Theresa Stroetges (DE) and Bryndís Björnsdóttir (IS) will work and live at VAA Nida Art Colony in August.


International heritage experts gather at the summer school in Nida


The Summer School themed “Cultural Landscapes” begins at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts on the 5th of August, and will run for one week. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Directorate of the Curonian Spit National Park and the Faculty of History of Vilnius University, and is expected to become an annual event. This year, 15 selected specialists and students of heritage protection, architecture, and art history disciplines will focus on the topic of cultural landscape.


The red art bus will visit the Nida Art Colony

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On 27 July, galerii galerii will start its week-long summer tour that will take the red art bus across the Baltics. During the tour the gallery will host a film project by Art Nõukas, titled “Lost and found”, specifically developed with the travelling gallery’s values and goals in mind. A new version of the film is created for each appearance of the gallery. The red art bus will visit VAA Nida Art Colony on 2nd of August from 12am to 5pm.


“Fires Venice Tequila Sunsets” by Katarina Poliacikova

Photo by Katarina Poliacikova

Current Nida Art Colony resident Katarina Poliacikova (SK) invites you to an informal presentation of what she has been working on during her stay in Nida. Open studio event starts at 6 p.m. on 28th of July.


Photo reportage from the exhibition “WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale)” opening

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Performative walk by Cooltūristės during the opening of the exhibition WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale)

The opening of the exhibition WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale) took place on 16th of July at Nida Art Colony during the The 21st International Thomas Mann Festival.


Open studios in June 2017

Yael Vishnizki Levi presents her project. Photo by Julija Navarskaitė
The Open Studios evening took place on 29th of June at VAA Nida Art Colony. Colony’s residents Indrė Ercmonaitė (LT) and Yael Vishnizki Levi (PL) opened their studios doors and presented their projects.