Selected artists for Critical Tourism and Techno-ecologies residencies in 2013

We are happy to announce our selection results of our Thematic residencies on Critical Tourism and Techno-ecologiesresidencies. Unfortunately, Individual residencies are still being reviewed and the final decision will be announced no later than March 25th. The selected artists are going to be contacted individually.The artists in the waiting list are going to be invited only if somebody from selected artists are going to cancel their residency.


Nida Art Colony celebrates the second anniversary in Vilnius with Franziska Nast (DE) exhibition and Neringa FM party in CAC Cafe

Opening of former resident Franziska Nast (DE) exhibition
Where : Canteen of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Maironio st. 6, Vilnius, Lithuania
When: 2013 m. March 19th 17.00
After: from 20.00 Neringa FM party in CAC Cafe (Vokiečių st. 2, Vilnius)
Photo album from the opening.

German cinema days in the colony March 16-17th

Welcome to free German film screenings in Nida Art Colony! Next weekend we are hosting a German film days program, organized by Goethe Institute Vilnius.

March 16th (Saturday) at 16.00: comedy "Oh Boy" by Jan Ole Gerster (85 min.)

March 16th at 18.00: best Austrian short films (80 min.)

March 17th at 16.00: "Der Verdingbub" ("The Foster Boy") by Markus Imboden (103 min.)


Films will be screened at Taikos g. 43, Nida. All films will be in original language, subtitled in Lithuanian.

Full programme


New Residents for March 2013


Nida Art Colony is pleased to welcome two new residents, Nestori Syrjälä (FIN) and Franziska Reinbothe (DE).


Project assistant Daina Pupkeviciute has joined Nida Art Colony Team

From March 12th Nida Art Colony team is getting bigger with a new member of the team. We have got 85 applications and after reviewal and interviews, we have decided to invite Daina Pupkeviciute.


2013 Residency Applications Review Update

We are currently reviewing the 127 applications we received for 2013 and are pleased to invite Nestori Syrjälä and Adrien Siberchicot for March-May residencies.

We received 23 applications for our thematic Critical-tourism residencies, 53 applications (64 artists because of some collaborations) for our thematic Techno-ecologies residencies and 51 applications for Individual residencies.

Sucessful applicants from June onwards will be announced in the coming weeks (hopefully by 18th of March).



Call for proposals for Inter-format Symposium [ON HOSTING AND DISPLACING] on Critical tourism, site-specificity and post-romantic condition until 1st of March

In a time where heritage, sustainability and ecology increasingly cross the path of tourism, artists working in remote contexts and tourists often share the observation of similar cultural objects: iconic landscape sites, vernacular culture and authentic artefacts, invented traditions and nostalgia.

One effect of this condition, as Miwon Kwon highlights in the essay “The Wrong Place”, is that the increasing mobility of the art system, involving both centres and remote situations, has led to romanticising the image of the cultural worker. The symposium aims at bringing into question correspondences between artistic practices and critical tourism in a trans-disciplinary context. In contemporary artistic practices, do displacements take the form of a romantic expedition or are they based on hospitality and exchange? And what happens in the stay? What kind of connection/network of competence can be developed in a situation of post-romantic retreat? How to avoid and/or critically read the exoticism potential arisen by these sites? How to deal with these two new genres of colonies – artistic and touristic ones – that are both conceptually and physically re-shaping the landscape?


Nida Art Colony is looking for projects assistant with fluent Lithuanian language skills

Part-time position is available from March, 2013. More about the requirements read in Lithuanian version of this site.