Residency Centres


OCA is a foundation created by the Norwegian Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs in 2001 with the aim of developing collaboration projects in the cultural field between Norway and the international arts scene. OCA has been responsible for a program of exhibitions, conferences, lectures and seminars both in Norway and abroad, involving artists, curators, philosophers and art and cultural theorists. Also since 2001, OCA has been responsible for Norway’s representation in the Visual Art sector of the Venice Biennale. The foundation aims to become one of the main organs in the contemporary arts debate through initiatives such as exhibitions, seminars, publications, as well as by providing support to Norwegian artists for their activities on the international art arena.


Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale was officially opened in May 1998. The Municipality of Fjaler, the County of Sogn & Fjordane and the Norwegian Government funded the establishment of NKDale which is now funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. The Artist in Residence program is central among the activities at Nordic Artists’ Centre, however, the centre also arranges workshops, seminars and exhibitions. Nordic Artists’ Centre offers artists an opportunity to contemplate, concentrate and work. Presenting invited artists to inspiring living and working conditions, Nordic Artists’ Centre strives to contribute to innovative artwork. Artists from around the globe create international spirit, and it is Centre’s objective to strengthen and further develop artistic cooperation in the Nordic area and internationally.


Skaftfell Center for Visual Art is a visual art centre operating in the field of contemporary art, on a local, national and international level. Skaftfell is a meeting point for artists and locals, with an extensive exhibition and educational program, and a residency program that has an ongoing and active relationship with the local community. Skaftfell plays the leading role in the east of Iceland in presenting visual art, and providing information, assistance and education on art and art-related subjects. Over the years, Skaftfell has hosted a large number of exhibitions of work by national and international artists in the 156-m2 gallery space on the second floor.


Ars Communis Residency Centre YO-YO is a non-profit organization, founded in 2002 and based on the Žeimiai Estate. Its activities consist mainly of organizing art education and cultural projects. The nature of the projects usually reflects the politics of Lithuanian culture, the cultural heritage and rural social issues. The organization operates as a project-oriented platform that facilitates a multifaceted approach to artistic practice and research. The estate itself, in which the projects are placed, offers a unique window for artists to immerse themselves in history, which seems to always be in the making.