Daily, Various times


Nida Art Colony, Neringa


Asking Questions and Giving Answers to weather in Nida, on Lithuanian Contemporary Art, on how to become a practical person after your PhD thesis or why theory is practice/Vytautas Michelkevičius, Daily when not sleeping

Bball/Justin Tyler Tate: Artist Guided Visits and Game (on request 3pm & 7pm)

Garden of Sound/Aistė Goda Viršulytė: Rooftop terrace, open all hours

Lemonade Stand/Justin Tyler Tate: Artist Guided Visits (on request)

Neringa FM Special Broadcasts: Linas & Guests: Wed 9pm – 12am, Thursday 9pm-12am

Poetic Robotism/Art Walk/Eva Vevere & Laura Prikule: 10am & 3pm Daily

The Sited Storyteller/Marjolein Houben & Irmelin Joelson: Map & Lagoon/Sea site specific film screening

Would you Like to Join With Art?/Reclamation: morning surveys and evening collection