Inter-format Symposium 2017

Inter-format Symposium On Flux of Sand and Aquatic Eco-systems, 2014

7th Inter-format Symposium Along Lines

May 19-22nd, 2017

The 7th Inter-format Symposium Along Lines, to be staged by Nida Art Colony in May 2017, will reflect on the line as a very basic visual element and medium of knowledge. In the geopolitical context, the shoreline and borders of the Curonian spit, a group of artists, philosophers, scientists, archaeologists, dancers and musicians is invited to reflect on the contemporary means/gesture of the line facing fluctuating information, ecological changes and new territories. Using the line as a symbolic/metaphoric as well as analytical instrument the symposium presents different strategies to sketch and connect the world through methods of mapping, walking, drawing, recording, performing, swimming, writing, reading or singing.

Over three days and nights the transdisciplinary symposium engages in a dialogue between artistic, philosophical and scientific research with presentations and performances in the woods, between moving dunes, inside the various spaces of the Colony and on the coast lines (on the seaside and lagoon). This geological sight permanently generates cracks and traces. The different locations stimulate a further discussion of the topic and provide the ground for an assembly of fluctuating lines.


Thomas Thiel (DE) & Vytautas Michelkevičius

Confirmed participants:

Keynote speaker

Karen O'Rourke (artist and researcher, author of the book "Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers")

Key participants

Zbyněk Baladrán (artist, co-editor of the book “Atlas of Transformation)
Nikolaus Gansterer (artist and researcher, author of the book “Drawing a Hypothesis”)
Marcus Steinweg (philosopher and artist)
Dr. Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt (art historian, editor of the book “Maciunas' Learning Machines: From Art History to a Chronology of Fluxus”, and author of “Die Kunst Der Diagrammatik”)
Jessica Warboys (artist)
Morten Norbye Halvorsen (artist)
Awst & Walther (artists)
Lina Lapelytė (artist, musician, performer)
Vitalij Červiakov (artist)
Sven Johne (artist)
Ines Hochgerner (artist)
Raul Walch (artist)
Christoph Fink (artist)
Artūras Raila (artist)
Ruth Proctor (artist)
peizaz 02
Image from the exhibition Hybrid(...)scapes booklet, 2016 07 23-08 28, Nida Art Colony, curated by Vytautas Michelkevičius

Application details for the other participants

Deadline 15th of March, 2017

We would appreciate if in the application e-mail you will write a few sentences why you are interested in the topic and/or mention a few your projects related to it.

The Inter-format symposium brings together around 40 professionals (artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists, archaeologists, and other researchers). This symposium is ongoing intelectual and performative exchange with walks, lectures, coffee breaks, performances, lunches and brunches, talks, discussions, dinners, dancing and musical sessions. For better understanding of the context, please check the history and documentation of previous symposia.

The symposium will start in the evening of 19th and finalize in the evening of 21st. The detailed programme will be announced in the begining of May.

Participation fee: 150 EUR (100 EUR for students) which includes accommodation in a triple room in the colony (limited places) and catering 19th-22nd of May. Other accommodation options are possible in the guesthouses nearby.

Applications have to be sent by 15th of March to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the participants fee paid by 15th of April. 


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