KIOSK is a temporary small project space for the cold season, curated by Nida Art Colony. In the small wooden hut-stall located on the main (Taikos) street Nida Art Colony presents art works and projects by the Colony’s residents.

The project is partially funded by Lithuanian Cultural Council and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The patron of the project Andrius Tamaliūnas.


Installation by Pedro Hurpia (BR) „The Invisibility of Huge Things“

27th of January, 2018‒19th of February, 2018

There are two tuning forks positioned in front of each other. Each sound box (below them) play the sound of the respective tuning fork. They look the same, but one of them has a change in the fork, which emits a different touch of 440 Mhz, almost imperceptible. The idea is to bring a kind of dialogue between the two devices. The space between them is occupied by invisible sound waves.



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Photos by Raimonda Vyšnia and Karolina Sadlauskaitė 

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“How to Bake a Swan?” by Marija Nemčenko 

29th of December, 2017‒21st of January, 2018

In July, 2003 UK tabloid newspaper “The Sun” printed a front page article titled “Swan Bake. Asylum Seekers steal the Queen’s birds for barbeques”. The article claims that Eastern European migrants are luring royal birds and barbequing them, the reason being that swans are perceived to be a national delicacy in some Eastern European countries (including Lithuania). The article became a dangerous tool of nationalism and it appeared, strategically, before Baltic countries joined European Union, which meant a great influx of ‘fresh migrants’ into wealthier Western states. And now, in 2017, in the post-BREXIT climate and almost 15 years post the article, I invite you, my dear guest, to witness the tradition that made Britain say GOODBYE to the union.  



Photos by Rowan Markson and Linas Ramanauskas

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“The Witch is not at Home” by Tanja Lažetić

24th of November‒26th of December, 2017

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Photos by Skaistė Marčienė

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“Lighthouse” by Evy Jokhova

29th of October–26th of November, 2017

The Colony’s resident has transformed the former news stand into an eclectic lighthouse. For this installation, the artist has used two old Soviet rotating lanterns arranged at different height. The large windows are pasted up with geometric shapes of different colors and imitate the sun(rise/set). The work reacts to the extinction of the Nida lighthouse’s old rotating beam lantern. Almost a year ago, the old light signal was replaced by a LED flash. Along with it, the local cultural landscape has changed as well. About half a thousand people signed an online petition for the Nida lighthouse to be reverted to its former mode. Today, when the tourist season is over and days are becoming shorter, the installation by Evy Jokhova attempts to simulate daylight and the light beam of the dismounted lighthouse lantern.



Photos by Linas Ramanauskas and Skaistė Marčienė

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 “Amber Beamer” by Linas Kutavičius

11th–19th of May, 2017

Linas Kutavičius received the 2016 Neringa Municipality art grant. This was the fourth grant assigned to VAA Nida Art Colony’s Artists-In-Residence programme. Since 2012 Neringa Municipality encourages artists to engage with the landscape of Neringa and find inspiration in the surrounding environment. During his month-long residency, Linas focused on developing his project “Amber Projector”, which exposes the inner structure of amber. The project was presented in Nida, Klaipeda, and during last year’s  Berlin Gallery Weekend.

A focused beam of light fed through a piece of amber rotating around its axis projects the structure of the mineral into space. Regarded as a national symbol of Lithuania and usually used in applied arts, this time amber becomes a conceptually intimate object magnified by light. The shifting colour palette and the captured fossils meditatively captivate the viewers and transport them to primeval existence through a time loop.

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Photos by Vitalij Červiakov

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 “Everything” by Wolfgang Bender

13th of April–7th of May, 2017

Wolfgang Bender’s installation is a site-specific work created for THE KIOSK in Nida. It consists of different layers of the origins of recent art history as well as very concrete thoughts brought together by the artist to create a very specific intervention in public space. Wolfgang Bender’s artistic work can be best described as a thick woven fabric of many layers. All of his work contains rich references to contemporary art. His very personal approach to the world in general yields highly refined works that are always a result of very precise research of a place chosen in advance.

“Everything” has its origin in a work by Wolfgang Bender where he photographed a young lady at the MUMOK Museum two years ago. The bouquet of flowers one can see in the background was the starting point for his installation in Nida. In the Kiosk you will see real flowers laid down on a table as if for some ceremony. The bouquet is surely related to the art piece in Vienna, but here you will only see the flowers. The opening was held on the 13th of April, which is also known as the Holy Thursday in commemoration of the Last Supper, otherwise known as the night on which Jesus Christ was betrayed prior to his crucifixion. People who pass by will probably think of this very special date.

But the flowers are also part of a very personal encoded circumstance that you can only guess by seeing the two other parts of the work: the photograph mentioned above and a piece of windowpane in which some sentences and a special date are engraved with a diamond tool. Every part of the installation stands on its own, but seen as a whole they are clearly interrelated.

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Photos by Skaistė Marčienė

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“Info point” by Saulius Leonavičius

20th of March–9th of April, 2017

Once I went far away and got into a room without an exit. I was searching in vain, there were no doors there. Now I know: it can happen in any other room. There is no point in searching; the doors are not there.

2017-03-20 20.54.12

2017-03-20 20.48.14

Photos by Linas Ramanauskas

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