Oliver Davis is Reader in French Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Warwick University (UK). He is the author of the critical introduction Jacques Rancière (Polity, 2010), of which a German translation has recently been published by Turia + Kant. His edited volume of critical essays, Rancière Now (Polity, 2013), was published last autumn and includes a new dialogue between Jean-Luc Nancy and Jacques Rancière and a new interview with Rancière concerned mainly with his latest major work, Aisthesis (Galilée, 2011/Verso, 2013), among other contributions. Oliver’s other research and teaching ranges across twentieth-century and contemporary French philosophy of the Continental tradition, aesthetics, cultural studies, critical theory, queer theory and contemporary French literature. He is currently developing a new project on the policing function.



Kristupas Sabolius is an active public intellectual, a writer and an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vilnius University. He recently published “The Imaginary” (2013), a study on the contemporary state of imagination, technology and art as well as “Furious Sleep” (2012), a book on imagination and phenomenology. Sabolius wrote a novel (“Bad Book”, 2006), a few theatre plays, initiated several cultural projects and hosted a TV show on Lithuanian and European Theatre. He also co-wrote the script for “The Gambler”, which won 6 awards, including the one for the best film at the Lithuanian National Cinema awards “Silver Cranes 2014”.



Mick Wilson (b. 1964) [BA, MA, MSc, PhD] is a researcher, educator, artist and writer. He is currently the Head of the Head of Valand Academy, Gothenburg University.

Research interests: Contemporary art and philosophy; curating and public-ness; art as educational praxis; and contemporary cultural politics.

Current Art and Research Projects: (2013-ongoing) PARSE - platform for artistic research; (2010-2013) SHARE: Art and research education – the doctoral level of study for the arts; with Dr. Paul O'Neill Curating and research (2012-2014), and work on the temporalities of contemporary art (2012-2014). Other collaboratiuons include “The food thing” (2010- ongoing) and “Dead publics” 2009-2014.

Current Teaching: I am working with colleagues at Akademin Valand to further develop our experimental “Summer Academy” that seeks to create new pathways of access to higher arts education for non-traditional students (broadening recruitment). Together with colleagues, I am also engaged in teaching courses on temporal imaginaries, art and food, art and censorship, and research methods across the arts.



David Bate is an English artist and writer based in London. He studied film and photographic arts at the Polytechnic of Central London in the early 1980s and fine art and art history at the University of Leeds. His work has concentrated on notions of otherness and avant-garde work, drawing on diverse theories, including psychoanalysis and critical theory. With a long career as a solo exhibiting artist and writer, his photographic works have been exhibited in across the UK, France, Estonia, Germany, Northern Ireland, USA and Canada. His books include the visual work Zone (London: Artwords, 2012), Photography: Key Concepts (Berg: 2009) and Photography and Surrealism (I.B Tauris, 2004). A monograph of his early visual work and writings is forthcoming in 2015, in addition to two new books on photography. A co-founder of Accident and Five Years galleries in London, he is also co-editor of the journal Photographies. Professor of Photography at the University of Westminster, London, he also leads the MA Photographic Studies programme and Photography Research in the school.



Teija Löytönen holds a Master’s degree in education (University of Helsinki) and earned her doctorate in dance by studying discourses in dance institutions (Theatre Academy Helsinki). Currently she works an Academy Research Fellow at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her particular research interests include higher arts education, arts-based academic development as well as collaborative and embodied inquiry in relation to professional development and knowledge creation. She has published articles in several national and international refereed journals, and presented her research in various networks such as Congress on Research in Dance, European Educational Research Association and International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Her edited volume of essays on higher arts education in Finland (in Finnish Tulevan tuntumassa, ARTS books 2014) was published this spring.



Antanas Kučinskas (b. 1968) studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music. In 1997-2001 he continued with DA studies, which finished with the thesis Principles of Composing in the Works of Contemporary Lithuanian Composers. Kučinskas accumulated his knowledge and experience in international forums: 1995 he improved his skills at the courses for young composers in Apeldorn (Holland), in 2003 resided and composed at the international composers’ centre in Visby and the new studio of electro-acoustic music Alpha in Sweden. In addition, Kučinskas lectured at the Vilnius Conservatoire (1993-1998), worked as sound director at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre (1993–1998), and 1998 – 2013 he has been its musical director. Since 2005 he lectures at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. His music can be heard in various festivals in Lithuania and abroad.

Works of Kučinskas are characterized by variety of genre, steaming from the ideas of New Objectivity, conceptual art and ideas of Fluxus. Theatricality is also an important aspect of all of his works (he wrote music for over 30 theatre productions and films). Currently Kučinskas is much less preoccupied with theatrical and visual aspects of music, but stresses the phenomenon of “parasitism” (recreation of music of other composers) and loop music as the main principle of his compositional style.



Alvydas Lukys (b. 1958) is an artist, curator and lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. His artistic approach is closely related to concepts of remembrance and prosiness. As a curator and lecturer his main interests are in the various aspects of cultural anthropology and photography in contemporary art. Since 1978 Alvydas Lukys participates in photography exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. His works are included into the collections of the Lithuanian Art Museum, the Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers, Odense Museum of Photography, and a number of private collectors.

In 1984 Alvydas Lukys graduated from Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute. Since 1984 he is a member of the Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers. Since 1990 he works at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, first at the photo studio of the Department of Graphic Art, later at the Photography and Media Department. Alvydas Lukys was one the founders of the Image Studio, which later became the Department of Photography and Media Arts. He is the Head of the Department and a full time professor. Alvydas Lukys is also the Chairman of the Board for Doctoral Art Studies of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.