Nida Doctoral School

Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture started (September 2015) a joint academic unit - Nida Doctoral School, which develops and runs a non-degree doctoral program.
The program offers international doctoral courses and residencies for art, art history, design, media and architecture doctoral and post-doctoral students from Aalto ARTS, VAA and other universities which will join the initiative. Nida Art Colony and Aalto Arts hopes to develop a small and inspiring guild of European postgraduate institutions which will contribute to and benefit from the program.
Nida Doctoral School courses have a form of intensive 5-10 day-long seminars. They are conducted by the academic staff of Aalto ARTS, Vilnius Academy of Arts and other universities as well as outstanding invited guest speakers.
Nida Doctoral School residencies are conducted by Nida Art Colony and constitute a part of the international Nida Artist-in-residence program. The duration of a residency is from one to six months.