New Artists in the Residency January 2013

Nida Art Colony welcomes five new residents, Gustavo Jahn (BR), Melissa Dullius (BR), Justin Tate (CA/USA/EE) Michelle Mantsio (AUS) and Sacha Waldron (IRL/UK), that recently joined our current Winter/Spring residencies.




Gustavo Jahn and Melissa Dullius form the Berlin-based Distruktur duo. Distruktur works mainly in films, which are presented in screenings, installations and performances. Their work moves between cinema and visual arts, fiction and reality, photography and moving image. During their residency at Nida Art Colony, Distruktur are making a film for an exhibition taking place at CAC in Vilnius (April 2013) curated by Ula Turnau and Asta Vaiciulyte. The film will gravitate towards magick, rites, and the South.

Michelle Mantsio's art practice includes video/animation, installation, drawing, and performance. She is interested in how you might track something through pattern and at Nida is exploring how this might emerge through the relationship of hosting between environments of landscape, architecture and humans.

Justin Tate is collaborating with NeringaFM Director, Linas Ramanauskas to create a new public space in the form of an art installation/ice fishing shanty. For a period of 10 days, the aesthetically modified structure will provide access for fisher-people in the region to practice their sport. Simultaneously, the intimacies provided by the visitors to the shanty, personal stories of those who come to the ice for solitude, reflection and of course fish, will be broadcast to the general public on the Curonian Spit and those listening abroad on NeringaFM's internet radio.

Sacha Waldron (IRL) is a writer, curator and artist who will be based in Nida for the next five months acting as shadow curator for the residency programme at the Colony. Sacha was previously curatorial fellow at Arnolfini in Bristol. Sacha writes articles, criticism and makes interviews for several online art platforms and magazines. She recently completed her MA in Curating Contemporary Art from the Royal College of Art in London and, in May, will take over as curator for Crate Project Space in Margate.