Rooms with a view to the lighthouse (Building II (new))


 MG 0884-HDR-001

 MG 8362-001

 MG 8360-001

 MG 0863-HDR-001

 MG 8348-001

 MG 8352-001

 MG 8430-001


Duplex rooms


 MG 8445-001

 MG 8443-001

 MG 8450-001

 MG 8452-001


Double rooms


 MG 8425-001

 MG 8429-001


Rooms with individual facilities (3-beds, 4-beds) (Building I)


 MG 0838-HDR-001

 MG 0847-001

 MG 8312-001

 MG 8315-001


Rooms with communal facilities (2-beds, 3-beds 4-beds, 5-beds) (Building I)


 MG 0794-HDR-001

 MG 0805-HDR-001

 MG 0822-001

 MG 0823-HDR-001

 MG 0837-001

 MG 0828-HDR-001

 MG 0816-HDR-001

 MG 0811-HDR-001