Information for visitors


•You can enter your room at 5 PM. Until then NAC staff will take care of your things.

•First, register at the NAC Office by leaving a copy of your ID and your phone number.

•NAC staff will give you keys and bed sheets. You make your bed yourself.


General rules:

•NAC is a place for studies and creative work, not for holiday or entertainment, therefore we have SILENCE HOURS from midnight to 8 AM. Those, who seek loud socializing or partying after midnight are asked/highly encouraged to go out to town/woods/beach.

•Forest smells are valued here thus smoking is allowed only in the designated places outside, marked by the large grey sand ashtrays.

•Keep the shower, the WC, the kitchen and other communal spaces in such a state, which would please your mother.

•Artists-in-residence are working here so, please, respect their privacy and rest.

•Save water and electricity! NAC buys them from its own budget. Water in Neringa is the most expensive in Lithuania ( 3,00 Eur/m3, in Vilnius – 1,19 Eur/ m3).


Equipment and tools:

•Computers in the Media Lab, tools, photo, video and sound equipment can only be used for working/studying purposes, therefore projects/workshops organizers have to warn NAC staff in advance about the need for equipment and tools.

•If you need certain equipment or tool you have to enter your name as well as date and time you will use it on the Equipment/Tools Sheets on the Office door.

•When you take the equipment or tool away you confirm by signing that you know how to use it and agree to take responsibility for your own and the object’s safety.

•If you need advice on how to use NAC equipment and tools always ask NAC staff.

•There is wireless internet. Network guest, password kolonija. Internet speed is shared by everybody. Pls. respect your colleagues and don‘t watch videos online, don‘t download films or music.


Communal kitchen:

•The main principle is to leave it cleaner than it was.

•Dishes do not do themselves therefore you should neatly put them into dishwashers. Before loading the dishwashers you have to clean the dishes from leftovers so our helpers do not choke.

•Pots, pans and big bowls have to be washed by hand. Only this way they shine.

•Take the trash away. Even if it is not yours. There is a container for mixed trash on the road in front of the NAC driveway as well as colorful containers for plastic, glass and paper on the other side of the street. Put new plastic bags (stored in the kitchen) into trash bins after you empty them.

•Everything you find in the kitchen should stay in the kitchen: spices, cookware, dishes, etc.

•We always say yes to collaborative cooking. Cookbooks in the kitchen will help to reveal your gastronomic talents. Collaborative cooking plans can be announced on the kitchen blackboard. Pls., specify the time and other participation conditions (financial/cooking/etc. contribution).



•You have to leave the room until 11 AM.

•Take the bed sheets off, hang wet towels, take the trash away, do the dishes, return all borrowed dishes to the communal kitchen and sweep the floor before you leave the room.

•If you have food with good expiry date, leave it in the communal kitchen for other NAC visitors. Put them into the fridge or a dresser marked „FREE FOOD“.

•Leave the room open. Return both front door and room keys to the Office.



If you do one of the below listed things once, you get a warning. If you do one of them once again, you are kindly asked to leave NAC:

•Disregard for silence hours.

•Disrespectful treatment of NAC visitors and/or NAC staff and disturbance of public peace.

•Conscious spoiling of NAC property and/or misuse of NAC tools and equipment.

•Hosting visitors overnight without informing NAC staff.