General information:

There are two types of rooms in the Colony:
1) with individual facilities - little kitchen, WC and shower in the room;
2) with communal facilities - kitchen is in a communal space, WC and shower are in the corridor;

Building I:
rooms with communal facilities:                        rooms with individual facilities:
- 2-bed (2nd floor, 1 room)                                    -
2-bed (1st floor, 1 room)
- 3-bed (1st floor, 3 rooms)                                    - 3-bed (1st floor, 2 rooms)
- 4-bed (2nd floor, 4 rooms)                                   - 4-bed (2nd floor, 4 rooms)
- 5-bed (1st/2nd floors, 2 rooms)

Building II:
rooms with individual facilities:

- 2-bed (2nd floor, 3 rooms, double bed);
- 3-bed (2nd floor, 3 rooms, 2 separate beds + double bed (sofa);

Pets are only allowed on the first floor rooms.
A one-time pet fee is 8€.

Prices indicated include VAT (21%);

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Artists and other creative practitioners not participating in the artist-in-residence programme but still willing to spend 2-3 weeks or a month at Nida Art Colony can apply for a working retreat in the smaller studios. Please fill out the application for a work retreat and send it by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There is no deadline. Applications will be reviewed upon submission. The decision is made within 5 working days. The spaces are allocated depending on their availability. 
You can find all the prices here.




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