Opening of colony resident Franziska Nast exhibition "Never Say Ever"

Exhibition opening on 18 July 2012 at 16:00
Orangery of the Catholic Church, Taikos g. 17, Nida
Thanks to a Goethe-Institut grant, the German artist Franziska Nast is spending the months of June and July in the Nida Art Colony, and is engaging with her Lithuanian surroundings in her artistic work.
On 18 July, Franziska Nast will present her works in the context of the Thomas Mann Festival. In her work for the orangery of the Catholic church in Nida – selections from an archive of locally produced posters - she traces the stations of her own path in the course of her two-month stay in the colony. The narratives, which emerge in graphic-photographic style, are based on fictional, documentary, biographical and in part trivial facts, constituting a complex fabric of associations which make no distinction between public and private experience. For her paper elements, Franziska Nast utilises both her own as well as found image material that she combines with quotations and her own texts, producing a dialogical enactment that emerges through the interweaving of these elements.
Exhibition runs
06/18/12 - 08/31/12