Rasa Antanavičiūtė CV

Executive director

Rasa works on the Nida Art Colony project since its very beginning in 2007. At the Colony she is an art and education project manager as well as Nida Doctoral School manager. Occasionally she also works with Nida artist-in-residence programme (evaluation of applications, studio visits). She is responsible for the overall functioning of the Colony and its relations to Vilnius Academy of Arts. Strategic planing and reporting is a shared responsibility of Rasa, NAC Artistic Director Vytautas and NAC Board.

Rasa has studied art history. She has a PhD degree in art criticism and art history from Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her research interests lie in the history of symbols of political powers in public spaces (monuments, architectural and urban developments, toponyms, rituals), and their functions as identity builders and memory constructors.