Colony Log


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The Seventh issue

on time

June 2014–September 2015
160 pages

Residents portfolios, Res Artis, exhibitions (Imaginary Shores, Giants. Souvenirs, Parasite & Mimicry, Collage Pleasures), education, 5th Interformat Symposium On Time (and Interformativity), 56th Venice biennale and Lithuanian Pavilion Museum, VAA Nida Art Colony Chronicle (2014 06 01–2015 09 30).

 The Sixth issue

on Techno-ecologies

October 2013May 2014
174 pages

Residents portfolios, exhibitions (Between Time And History), workshops, Inter-format symposium 2014 On Flux of Sand and Aquatic, VAA Nida Art Colony Chronicle (2013 09 30–2014 05 31).

 The Fifth issue

on Critical Tourism

JanuarySeptember 2013
192 pages

Portfolios and texs by residents, exhibitions (Stories of Holiday Resort: Transparency, Aproppriated Territories), workshops, Inter-format symposium On Critical tourism, site-specificity and postromantic condition, VAA Nida Art Colony Chronicle (January‒September 2013).

 The Fourth issue

taking time

Summer–Autumn 2012
128 pages

Texts, portfolios and texts by residents, curated residencies and exhibitions (The Quarters of The Chess City, Taking Time), workshops, VAA Nida Art Colony Chronicle (June–December 2012).

 The Third issue 

on remoteness

Autumn 2011–Spring 2012
178 pages

A-I-R portfolio, site-specific exhibitions (It’s ok they live here!, Genius Loci), stories in / on remoteness, curated residencies (WebJs,  Abandoned Mystery), VAA Nida Art Colony Chronicle (Autumn 2011–Spring 2012).

 The Second issue

on summer

Summer 2011
64 pages

Texts, workshops, education, site-specific projects (MARIN: Cartography and Everyday at the Sea, Spidernetworking, SonicDrift), A-I-R portfolio, VAA Nida Art Colony Chronicle.

 The First issue

Spring 2011
112 pages

Texts about the place, workshops and education, A-I-R- portfolio, site-specific projects, first Inter-format Symposium.