Nida A-I-R in October 2017 and Curatron residents

Photo by Skaistė Marčienė
We are very excited to introduce our new residents. Three of them have chosen each other through the Curatron algorithm. Lydia Nsiah (AT), Paulius Petraitis / Paul Paper (LT), Ditte Knus Tønnesen (DK), Matilde Duus (DK) and Evy Jokhova (EE/ UK) will live and work at Nida Art Colony in October.
Photo from the artist's archive

Lydia Nsiah (AT) (b.1985) lives and works in Vienna (AT). Holding an MA in Fine Arts as well as in Film and Media Studies, she studied in Vienna, Berlin, Montreal and Amsterdam. Currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as artist and researcher she focuses on fringe phenomena in film, photography, text and installation. She has published and exhibited internationally on Film Avant-Garde and Useful Films, Commemorative Culture and Oblivion, Error(s), Audiovisual Arts and Photo Film. Since 2015 she is a member of the Vienna based video and film artists‘ platform Golden Pixel Cooperative.

During the residency Lydia Nsiah will work on her project “to forget film”, which deals with oblivion as process regarding the use of material, namely expired 16-mm film. In her concept the artistic productivity of failing – which for instance would be “visible” in non existing, fading and colour-transformed film exposures – stand for the “filmic oblivion” of moving images and sounds coming from expired chemicals. The risk of having no documentation, except of the screen notes, of recording an empty, forgotten (physical) and fading space of an everyday moment is present throughout the whole artistic and potentially ephemeral documentation.

Paulius Petraitis
Photo from the artist's archive

Paulius Petraitis / Paul Paper (LT)  (b. 1985) lives and works between Vilnius, London, and online. He is an artist working with photography (after photography), curator and a PhD candidate at Middlesex University, London.

His most recent project “This is It/Now” is a photographic exhibition that took place on Snapchat. It aimed to extend the boundaries of exhibiting spaces, utilizing the ephemeral platform to touch on the shifting materiality and temporality of photographic images. Paulius is working with books since 2006. His publications are held in various collections including the MoMA library, Met Museum library, Design Museum Denmark, Clark Art Institute, Joan Flasch Collection, Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

During the residency Paulius will work on his new publication project “A Few Atoms Away from Nothing” and organize an international symposium “Pointed or Pointless? Recalibrating the Index” (Brandenburg Center for Media Studies, Potsdam, November 4, 2017).


Curatron is an online software tool that involves artists directly in the curatorial processes of the exhibitions in which they participate. Curatron is an anonymous system of peer evaluation and selection, which enables a pool of artists to select co-exhibitors from amongst a group of applicants of which they are a part of. The prize sought out by the Curatron software is the algorithm for the perfect, or at least perfectly coherent, thematic group show. With the cooperation of human artists, this may just be achievable.

VAA Nida Art Colony invited artists to use the Curatron algorithm to submit proposals for residencies and exhibitions in Bergen, Copenhagen, Nida and Stavanger. There were as many as 565 applications from artists who wished to stay at Nida Art Colony. Three of them have chosen each other and will be our residents in October 2017.

Photo from the artist's archive

Ditte Knus Tønnesen (DK) (b. 1982) is a Danish artist working with photography, sculptures, objects and installations. Working in a field between images and spatial constructions she tests and investigates how different interpretations and world views become the accepted understanding of things – and how our understanding of ‘reality’ depends on our context, culture, religion and political standpoints. Knus Tønnesen graduated from The Glasgow School of Art (UK) and Kyoto Seika University (Japan) in 2008. In 2011 she founded GREEN IS GOLD an artist-run, non-profit exhibition room & publisher house in the old part of Copenhagen together with artist Amalie Bønnelycke Lunøe.

During the residency Ditte will be focusing on research and model making for a new body of photographic sculptures. 

matilde duus-001
Photo from the artist's archive
Matilde Duus (DK) (b. 1983) lives and works in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, in 2014 and has previously had exhibitions at Pablo's Birthday (NY), LARM gallery and Kunsthal Nord (DK). In parallel she runs the artist-driven exhibition venue The Nordic Embassy (CPH) in collaboration with artist Nils Elvebakk Skalegård. In Matilde Duus' artworks, intangible sizes as time, light and changeability are captured in physical materials such as glass and paper. Her works often originate in a two-dimensional format, but through working with transparency and shadows of materials, a third, sculptural dimension is unfolded.  The glass, which is one of Matildes favorite materials, draws attention to the space that is staged around and through the work. The glass or window draws a boundary (the boundary between the internal and the external), but without blocking for passage, but rather just emphasizing it.

During the residency Matilde is planning to work in the metal workshop, to sketch and produce new structures and sculptures ‒ which later on will be combined with paper and glass.
Photograph of E Jokhova at RBS 2017 in front of Sketch for failure of budgets. Photo credit Anne Purkiss-001
Photo by Anne Purkiss

Evy Jokhova (EE/ UK) obtained her MA Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in 2011; she also holds an MA Political Communications from Goldsmiths College, 2013. Jokhova has received numerous awards including the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award (2016), Royal Academy Schools Fellowship (2016‒18), Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) grant (2017), and Arts Council Individual Grants Award (2012). Residencies include Belvedere Museum Vienna/21er Haus (AT), BijlmAIR, Amsterdam (NL), Florence Trust, London (UK), Nida, (LT), Villa Lena (Tuscany, IT) amongst others. Solo exhibitions and projects include “The Shape of Ritual”, audio-visual installation & performance in the Wotruba Church supported 21er Haus, Vienna, AT (2017); “Towering in the conditions of fragments”, Passen-gers, London, UK (2017), reviewed in thisistomorrow; “Staccato” and site-specific installation in the chapel at House of St Barnabas, London with Marcelle Joseph Projects, UK (2016). She lives and works between Tallinn, Estonia and London, UK.

During her residency Evy plans to work on a short film about a stone, filmed on location in Nida. The work will continue her ongoing research into the historical value of stone, its cultural significance in contemporary society, material memory and her personal relationship with Baltic landscape.