The red art bus will visit the Nida Art Colony

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On 27 July, galerii galerii will start its week-long summer tour that will take the red art bus across the Baltics. During the tour the gallery will host a film project by Art Nõukas, titled “Lost and found”, specifically developed with the travelling gallery’s values and goals in mind. A new version of the film is created for each appearance of the gallery. The red art bus will visit VAA Nida Art Colony on 2nd of August from 12am to 5pm.

“I wish to show the visitors something that might be old and familiar to them through the eyes of a young stranger – me. I plan to portray settings that I see for the first and probably also the last time, using tricks, scenes and plot lines from the history of cinema,” explains the artist describing the project of which only a single introductory scene will be produced by the time the gallery hits the road. The rest will be completed along the way in the vein of a light-hearted road movie. “Unless there is an accident, of course,” Nõukas adds, hinting at numerous unsuspecting horror films and the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time the old minivan has been stranded on the side of the road.

In summer 2017, the travelling gallery, born out of gallerist Siim Preiman’s irrational passion for art and the keen desire to take it for a ride, is almost like an Agitprop train. Instead of touting a communist message, it distributes flyers about contemporary art and screens a film that blends Nõukas’ dreams, quotes from classic films and recordings of the places visited and the people met.

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“It is important to me that each chapter of “Lost and found” is created while on the road to the next stop. This way galerii galerii doesn’t drive around with a show that has already been ceremonially opened in a capital somewhere, but rather with something that appears then and there for the people who happen to visit the gallery,” says Preiman further illuminating the project. During the tour the gallery will visit four art residencies in the Baltics – MoKS in Mooste (EE), Rucka in Cēsis (LV), SERDE in Aizpute (LV) and Nida Art Colony on the Curonian Spit (LT).

Although the profile and goals of the institutions on the route somewhat differ from those of the travelling gallery, they are all united in operating outside of the centre in a relative periphery. As a young initiative the gallery uses its most useful asset, its mobility, and drives right through the gate of its fellow institutions, hoping to find friends, exchange experiences, and to be lost and found.

A booklet for “Lost and found” will be published in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and English containing a curatorial essay and an interview with the artist.

Art Nõukas is an artist living and working in Tallinn, who graduated from the department of installation and sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2017. His site-specific sound and video works often await the visitor to intervene (“Is it or is it not” at Ruumi lahusus, 2014) or portray moments where the viewer has just left or – you never know! – has never existed at all (“Pilot” at Portrait of Unseen, 2014).

Galerii galerii is a travelling gallery built into the cargo space of a red 1991 Ford Transit that has previously belonged to a number of Estonian artists, among them Anu Vahtra and Flo Kasearu. Established in May 2016, the gallery unexpectedly proved itself as Estonia’s most successful commercial contemporary gallery of the season. During the summer, the gallery toured fairs and festivals all over regional Estonia and hosted solo exhibitions by young international artists. First to exhibit in the space was Kaspars Groševs (LT), then Johanna Heikkilä (FI).

The schedule of the tour can be found on the gallery’s website
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Thanks go to: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tamara Luuk, Tõnu Narro